We have a singular focus:

to painlessly monitor for skin cancer.

"Hey, Doc,

this thing on my skin,

does it need to come off?"

We image your skin at a cellular level using a noninvasive (no cutting) and

painless confocal laser device, CiCLOPS.


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CiCLOPS (Confocal Imaged Cellular Level Optical Pathology Specimen), produced by ViviScope1500 and manufactured by Caliber ID, is used to image your

skin lesion at a cellular level, then our

Board Certified Dermatopathologist

reviews and interprets the images, and

tells you one of two things:

1) It's okay to leave it alone, or

2) cut it out.

If a melanoma or other skin cancer is suspected, our doctor removes the lesion. Our Board Certified Pathologist / Dermatopathologist renders a final "gold standard" diagnosis using conventional histology and/ or special stains, and reports that back to you. If you do NOT have to have it removed, then CiCLOPS and The Skin Cancer Clinic have saved you time, money, the pain of a biopsy - and you have no scar!


Patients and their families reflect on their experiences

with Dr. Hughes and the staff of The Skin Cancer Clinic.